Keynote Speaker, Keynote Entertainer: Comedy Juggler, Clean Comedian | Greg Bennick

Greg Bennick makes people laugh while inviting them to think. He tours worldwide, speaking about personal empowerment, managing the unexpected, and the importance of creativity.

In 2013 alone, Greg spoke in over twenty countries including the first-ever spoken word tour of Russia by an American speaker. He is available for special events worldwide.

"Greg is a world-class speaker and philosopher. He is inspiring, articulate and a magician when it comes to putting his experiences into words to infuse fire in people's hearts."
— D. Khaleghi, Evergreen State College

Want to become a better, clearer, more confident speaker? Greg offers one-on-one coaching in person and via the web. Find out more here on the 'trainings' page! Take your speaking skills to the next level!

Greg Bennick

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