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Contact us if you need PRESS PHOTOS like the ones below to promote your event:

HeadshotDownload this headshot for general use here. We like this one best.

HeadshotThis is a good shot for conferences and other speaking engagements / training sessions where a more traditional press angle is in use.

HeadshotJuggling five balls while smiling for the camera? Hmm…talented. All this and he speaks at
the same time. Consider using this shot if your event is focused on entertainment.

Letters Of Reference

Success! Many more letters like these are available from people like you who have had Greg speak and entertain at their events.

“I booked Greg for a Managers Appreciation Dinner this past February. The audience LOVED him. They laughed, they participated, and they demanded an encore! I’d recommend him to anyone.”
— Joanna Nelson, MSI HVAC

Greg Bennick