Greatness Takes Guidance

Working on a speech? Leading a country? Success resides in the same place. You are a capable and powerful human being, and reaching your potential might only be a few conversations away.

With thirty years of experience at a combination of punk clubs around the world, Ivy League colleges, and TEDx lectures, Greg provides coaching, speechwriting, and creative consultation for individuals, professionals, and groups who want to experience premiere-level performance. His clients have received standing ovations after one short month of coaching.

Greg wants the world to hear the real you. He won’t make you conform to an idea of how he wants you to be. Working with Greg will inspire you to discover your own authentic voice and use it with confidence.

Whether you want to face a lifetime of stage fright, or simply learn to give more persuasive, compelling presentations, Greg has the experience and insight to help you clarify and achieve your goals.

Public speaking is consistently rated to be more terrifying than spiders, heights, and death itself. Greg has the tools to help you through it.