Ieperfest 2018 in Belgium, onstage speaking at the Thunderdome Stage. Photo by

Ieperfest 2018 in Belgium, onstage speaking at the Thunderdome Stage. Photo by

I'm so thankful for everyone who supported the sharing of ideas from bare stages with just a microphone and a stand. There's few feelings as exciting and exhilarating than to walk out onto a stage where that mic awaits and know that there's no music to fall back on if my words or voice fail me. But this month they certainly did not. 

I recorded the shows at Ieperfest and at the Jugendcafe in Zwiesel Germany from three camera angles each AND with soundboard audio. Sometime soon I will be releasing bits of soon as I can carve out the time for editing amidst creative projects now that I'm home. The live shows always matter most to me and I tend to be terrible at the promotional followup and posting of video clips. In the moment live is where my focus always goes.

The main idea of this month long tour in Europe was that our acceptance and normalization of outlandish statements from our leaders causes us to take a collective step to the political right every time we don't think/speak/question these statements actively. In some countries in Europe (Poland and Hungary stand out), political trends have moved to extreme right positions due to this process. The spoken shows this summer framed the situation from the perspective that we need to radicalize ourselves and push back towards the left if we don't want to world to slip increasingly towards extreme right wing conservativism and potentially fascism.

Figuring out how to communicate that in a way which wasn't heavy and overbearing is always the challenge but this summer, thanks to the audiences all over, hit the mark.

Thanks for everyone for laughing and listening together! More soon xxx

August 2018 News article in the local newspaper in Zwiesel Germany about how my spoken word event was followed up with a group discussion session about improving the local community through the work and action of the all ages venue itself and its volunteers.