Thank you National Association for Catering and Events (NACE) for two reasons.

First, for laughing, listening, and being so gracious with your time as you had me speak last night in Bellevue Washington about punk rock and the lessons I’ve learned amidst it about how we can find our true voices and live more authentically powerful lives. A room of corporate minded people, cheering about punk rock. Go figure. Yet it makes perfect sense. Punk is about authenticity and we CRAVE authenticity these days in a world bathed in image and surface level illusion.

The second reason I’m thankful for NACE: for surprising me by donating 50% of the proceeds collected at their conference raffle to One Hundred For Haiti and our ongoing efforts to support the mental health of former child slaves and their families.

That was a basically perfect event. Authenticity for the win, all around.