Tonight I went to The Moth in Seattle and planned to sit in back and just listen to the story tellers. At events put on by The Moth, ten random people get five minutes each to tell a story.

Tonight’s theme was “Joy”. I wasn’t even going to put my name in the hat tonight to possibly be drawn to speak. The Moth has always deeply intimidated me. At the last minute I thought, “What am I going to do...spend my entire life wanting but not trying?” And more importantly, will I let last time’s failure define tonight or will I draw inspiration from it? I folded up my name and dropped it in.

They drew my name to speak. I walked out onstage here in Seattle with one set of thoughts: be true, be in the moment, be entirely with the audience. I told a story about how joy doesn’t come to us automatically but rather we have to create it for the world.

For me this lesson came one day in 1995 when I was surrounded by dozens of stern armed soldiers in rural India and I eased the brutal tension by suddenly out of nowhere making them animal balloons and they all completely lost their minds laughing.

Authenticity for the win. Next stop Moth GrandSLAM late in 2019.