For the last year I have been supporting the artistic vision of director Giacomo Giorgi, working as producer, co-writer, and narrator for the anti-hunting documentary On The Wild Side.

We are very excited to announce that On The Wild Side has been picked up for distribution and have signed a partnership agreement with Java Films.

We have also created an official poster for the film…see below!

Java Films is one of Europe’s leading independent documentary distributors. It’s a perfect match. Java has international Emmy winners and other films on their roster that have been nominated for prestigious prizes.

We are really happy to join a company that distributes other ethically minded documentary films, some of which are very much in line with the ideas behind On The Wild Side.

The film’s premiere has also been set.

On The Wild Side has been selected and is premiering at SEFF - Smaragdni Eco Film Festival. This film festival takes place in several cities and towns across Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

As part of the Green Film Network, Smaragdni Eco Film Festival is a perfect fit for us due to its environmental background.  

On The Wild Side was created first and foremost to protect animals and the environment and inspire people to get involved in the important struggle to defend them.

We will have more exciting news coming soon. Follow the film on social media and online:

INSTAGRAM: @onthewildsideinitiative
TWITTER: @o_t_w_s