This event is going to be truly incredible. 

A few months ago, my friend Radim Sandr wrote me from the Czech Republic and asked if he could put on a spoken word show for me in Prague this summer. I suggested that we make it more than just a spoken word show and asked if we could expand it outside the punk/hardcore music community. This is the result.

Monday August 5th, at Eternia Smichov in Prague, 6:30PM.

FROM SUFFERING TO SURVIVAL: Stories of the Journey from Sadness to Hope

This will be an open mic session which Radim and I will be facilitating, where people have the opportunity to embrace their courage and open up and share their unique story of survival from heartbreak. What happened, what did it mean, what did they feel, and how did they survive? We will hear from people from all walks of life as we explore the universality of heartbreak and emotional depth, and the fact that we are all human with the potential to heal.

If you have friends in Czechia, let them know about this event. If you want this event in your city, anywhere on the planet, write me. We'll make it happen.

Event cost: by donation. 100CZK recommended price, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Attendees can choose to donate at the end of the event, according to how much they valued the evening. ❤️