A truly great moment in Haiti just now. I went for a long walk this afternoon with the Mayor of Ranquitte Magistrat Edelin Philippe to discuss ideas for future water projects, putting new roofs on damaged houses, and other exciting ideas.

While in the jungle looking at water sites we were caught in the middle of a torrential downpour and took refuge under tall trees for half an hour and got absolutely soaked from head to toe. Everything drenched. We sloshed back to town. A guy gave me a ride on his moto bike to where I’m staying at a sort of rural compound.

I walked through the gate and the older gentleman who does security here, sitting under a tiny shack, looked at me standing there, drenched from head to toe, covered in mud and scrapes from slipping on rocks, backpack dripping. As we shared a glance in which he seemed to wonder, “Why are you outside in this insanity?” He asked in Creole, “Koman ou ye? (Hows it going?)” and I replied as if nothing at all was out of the ordinary, “Anfom (I’m great!)” and we both lost it laughing.

Laughing about shared experiences across languages is a dream on the earth. The whole world becomes instantly smaller.