When I was told at the end of my junior year in college that I was likely to be expelled from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle for a lack of academic and creative focus, I never would have dreamed that in 2018 I would be honored with the college’s Distinguished Alumni Award...but tonight at Benaroya Hall in Seattle that’s exactly what happened.

Here’s photos of the bio and award. I told the graduates about the four rules which guide my life in hopes that the rules guide theirs too.

1. Don’t die. 2. Keep creating. 3. Contribute to the world. 4. Never have a day job.

Deep thanks to the Cornish faculty, Board of Trustees, President’s Cabinet, and Academic Council for what is an incredible honor.

PS So great to see Trial, Between Earth & Sky, XBystanderX (and 7 Splinters in Time) printed in the program. Punk rock for the win.