I just got back from Haiti last night. I sailed with nine people and ten thousand pounds of donated medical supplies and food on a boat from Miami on the 28th of January. We traveled 900 miles and seven days, to Jacmel Haiti where locals were so thankful to see us arrive with those supplies that one greeted us on the dock by saying "Welcome to Jacmel. We see you as if God has arrived". Our boat was an all volunteer boat, and one of the first, if not the first, independent boat from the USA to reach the southern coast of Haiti. I did a radio interview with Peter Greenberg Worldwide (300 stations and 1.5 million listeners) about the mission and you can listen to it here:

Overall, the trip was astounding, life changing, meaningful, and most importantly helpful for local people as well as being the start of an intensive campaign to bring a continuous flow of supplies via boat and other means to the Haitian people. We had our 10000 pounds of supplies distributed within two hours to aid organizations and local groups, and then I spent a day in Jacmel juggling at an orphanage for children with HIV and AIDS.

After Jacmel, I visited a remote area of Haiti for an afternoon assessing damage to Josue Lajeunesse's village (see "films" page for more on Josue) and connecting with his family. I left Lasource and drove to Port Au Prince to meet with the director of one of the main medical clinics in one of the poorest sections of the city. We are working together to try and find much needed medical supplies for his clinic.

People have been asking me right and left what they can do and its incredibly inspiring to see that happening. All too often people dis-empower themselves before they even ask the question as to whether or not its possible for them to contribute to making change happen right here, right now. The key: GET INVOLVED.

Its simple: want it, do it. That's all there is. Anything else between "want it" and "do it" are excuses or other priorities. You either want to help and you get the job done, or you want to help but you don't. There isn't another way to think about it. Maximum passion and maximum efficiency yields maximum results.

Write me if you feel the desire to do something but don't know what, or if your organization can help on a large scale, or if you even imagine that it can. I will help you get involved.