When life and love leave you longing for warmth, there’s only one thing to do: fly halfway around the world to a land of ice and tell people about it. 

A multi-city spoken word tour of Iceland, May 2019. This one is a dream come true. Thanks to Ægir Freyr Birgisson for setting this up.  Three shows. The first in Reykjavik. The second 400km north of there in Akureyri. And the third in a lighthouse (yes, IN A LIGHTHOUSE) on the western coast in Akranes.

Theme: “the cold, the warmth, this life, this love, this loss”.

Ten days of submerging myself in Icelandic hot springs and a drive around the periphery of the entire country ensue before the tour starts. Long awaited, much needed. 

Adventure always. Seek hungrily. Have passion lead. Let the broken heart follow. The world awaits.

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Full tour poster PDF downloadable HERE.

GREG BENNICK Iceland Tour Poster.jpeg