I have been brought on as producer to help with coordination and completion of the upcoming "HOLDING THESE MOMENTS" documentary on legendary hardcore band BANE. The film is being directed and edited by Dan Elswick and Ricardo Cozzolino. Here's what we currently need:

- TEXAS footage/ photos from ANY of the Texas shows from the final tour

- NEW ORLEANS footage/photos from the final tour

- ANY pre-2000 images or footage

- ANYTHING from shows overseas, ever

Important if you have any of the above: only send footage that you shot yourself or images you took yourself. Its important for the final film product so that all the rights to images and footage are accounted for and solid. Please send any footage or photos to banedocumentary@gmail.com

Follow us on Instagram: @holding_these_moments

Or of course on Friendster, MakeOutClub, or MySpace.