I was asked to fly to LA to speak at the Farmhouse conference, a somewhat casual, independent thought conference for forward-thinking people. Imagine a TED conference which is independently run and that doesnt cost $6000 to attend. Fascinating speakers all day long, and I spoke about how maps can deceive us...they are based on perceptions and not reality necessarily. And when we have specific goals in mind, much like destinations on a map, we can get thrown off course by our own limited focus and the potential for lack of listening that comes along with it. I drew once again on experiences in Haiti to make my points, referencing my work with One Hundred For Haiti, my 501c3 organization doing ongoing development work in Haiti. I don't always or often include Haiti in my speeches to clients unless I'm specifically asked, but given the change its always a chance to share new and interesting perspectives. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPl8agvot1U