As of an hour ago I have 10,000 lbs of rice in a warehouse in Little Rock that needs to be shipped to Miami in order to get to Haiti. UPS is ready to ship it. The Liberty Schooner has agreed to bring it to Haiti. I have ground support set up in Haiti to distribute it.

I need $3000 by Tuesday to make it all happen.

What you can do: paypal anything you can to the effort. The Liberty Schooner (the ship on which I last sailed) has agreed to bring the rice to Haiti, in one trip, or split between two trips. More can be learned about them at their blog site.

On the ground in Haiti, I have coordinated logistics to distribute the rice from where it will arrive on the south coast of Haiti into the interior of the country. Some of the rice will be delivered to the village of La Source where Josue Lajeunesse is originally from. Josue is the star of the film I am currently co-producing with my friends about the installation of a permanent water system for that village. Rice will also be delivered to other destinations that come up as being in need. There are many. Some places have yet to see any food aid since the earthquake.

We are going to change that.

We are currently raising money to cover the transport, the shipping by sea, and the distribution in Haiti of that rice.

Coming soon for Haiti: ONE HUNDRED FOR HAITI. Through my journeys to Haiti, I've realized that I had to do something more about the situation there. Something on a major scale. Enter: One Hundred For Haiti. This initiative is dedicated to finding an exclusive group of one hundred donors each willing to donate $1000 or more to help the people of Haiti. One Hundred For Haiti will help with several different projects all focused on direct action for people most in need. From helping with the water and rice projects described above, to filling a Port au Prince medical center with supplies,

One Hundred For Haiti will bring direct results. Taking a grass roots approach will allow One Hundred For Haiti to cut through politics and solve problems far more efficiently.