Smart friends doing cool things chapter #43: my friend Gerfried Ambrosch in Austria spent seven years working on his book The Poetry of Punk which was just released this past week. It explores the significance and passion of punk/hardcore lyrics from all sorts of angles.

Gerfried included previously unseen photographs of the '90s/early 2000s punk/hardcore scene, and exclusive interviews with members of Minor Threat, Propagandhi, Youth of Today, Dead Kennedys, Kid Dynamite, Paint It Black, Fugazi, Catharsis, Black Flag, Fall of Efrafa, Active Slaughter, Trial, Petrol Girls, Pettybone, Anthrax (UK), Good Riddance, Inner Terrestrials, Shelter, Arboricidio, and a number of punk activists.

I wrote the foreword to the book. Check it out and get your smart on.