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Individual speaking coaching: become the speaker you know you can be!

Speaking seems difficult. But it doesn’t have to be!

Greg Bennick provides speaking coaching, speechwriting, and creative consultation for individuals, professionals, and groups who want to experience premiere-level performance. This is training for those who want to truly accelerate their abilities. If you want to develop your creative approach to communication in ways that will deliver real impact, please read on!

“The organizers said that the speech you wrote was the best acceptance speech they have ever had, and they have done this event for 29 years!‚Äù
– Deanna Oppenheimer, CameoWorks

With thirty years of experience as a speaker, Greg is a recognized Professional Member of the Association of Talent Development. His clients have received standing ovations for their speeches after as little as a month of training and coaching.

“This is magic. This is really good stuff,”
– Matt B, CallisonRTKL

For highly motivated clients, Greg works one-on-one, in person or over the web, to sharpen your focus and to improve. Need to give a speech? Improve your impromptu presentation skills? Sharpen your communicative abilities for everyday situations? Perform in front of media? Greg will help you clarify and sharpen your focus.

Recent client comment: “I want to show up for life in a big way…but it just doesn’t always always come out like that. When I am with you though I am like YES! After listening to your coaching, I always find myself asking, ‘How does Greg know all of this about me?!'”

Unlike traditional programs that are regimented with a curriculum, Greg’s system focuses on the areas you most need to develop from within yourself, for presentations, speeches, or just general communications training.

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I was nearly paralyzed with fear and a deep rooted sense of insecurity when I first sat down across from Greg. I was preparing for a big presentation for weeks and all I could come up with was pages and pages of disorganized thoughts. He not only helped me organize them into a clear and concise outline, but he left me with the inspired belief that I could be amazing. I rocked that presentation, so much so that multiple people have come to me since and told me I should publish it. There is no way I could have done it without Greg’s expert guidance and calm presence.
-M. Ellis, medical professional, 2015

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Its all about you. What are YOUR stories about success and failure that keep you from sharing who you truly are with an audience? What are your blocks and from where do they originate? What are you worried about with your speaking?

Together with Greg, you determine those things through a personal discussion about major life triumphs, and then make immense breakthroughs to:

– Find clarity in your speaking voice
– Sharpen your message
– Speak with confidence

We then work through the following key points to help you SPEAK WITH IMPACT:
– THANK the audience
– CAPTURE their attention
– DECLARE your purpose
– DELIVER your points with strength and clarity
– INSPIRE their action

The good news: Greg wants to hear the real you. He won’t make you conform to an idea of how HE wants you to speak. He inspires you to discover your OWN voice and style. The outlines above just give structure. Beyond that is where the real creative work with you begins.

Greg will help you prepare. He brings you through a rehearsal process to refine your message and develop your speaking voice. After the first phase to CLARIFY your core idea, then you will SIMPLIFY that idea and draft and refine the words to support that goal, and only then work on ways to INTENSITY your performance and delivery.

Some clients have been so happy with the results they get that have retained Greg on an ongoing basis for multiple years.

Whether you are wanting to speak with clarity, connect more effectively with your team, or just be understood in a new powerful way, write us today to find out how individual coaching can transform your communicative life. References/successes are available on request.

– Why do I need a speaking coach?
Our world is increasingly detached from personal interaction due to rise of social media. Working on speaking / presentation skills and developing a more solid sense as a communicator will enhance impact when you are in front of a live audience or via video for YouTube, Skype meetings, when being a human being actually matters.

– Will Greg let me expand on my own style?
Always. Yes. Of course. Did we mention always? Unlike other programs which follow a curriculum to the letter, Greg starts all client relationships with listening to what YOUR needs are, and where your perceived strengths and weaknesses are in terms of confidence and communicative ability. Then, with thirty (yes, that’s right, thirty!) years of experience as a presenter, he looks at how YOU communicate and talks with you about exercises designed specifically for you in order for you to increase your skills and abilities.

– How is this different from other programs?
Think about it this way: if you want to get in shape, you either join a gym and work out with a room full of people (effective), or you hire a personal trainer and work out in ways that are specific to you (REALLY effective). Your choice. Remember: you can choose both. However, having a personal speaking coach is the best way to improve your skills.



Make a difference in how you work together and think together. Learn and have fun as entertainment and ideas unite. Three popular sessions are:

Keeping Priorities Aloft: Lessons From the Art of Juggling
Effective Speaking: Finding Your True Voice
Understanding Life: The Quest for Meaning

This is a great way to add a breakout session to a keynote or to build a HALF or a FULL DAY of time with your attendees. Greg’s interactive sessions will inspire audiences to retain the messages in his keynote presentations long after the keynote itself is complete!

Outcomes and results from learning and playing in these workshops are the following:
– Better teamwork and professional relationships
– Improved self awareness and focus
– Increased sense of how to best manage change
– Enhanced motivation and sense of purpose
– Inspired communication


Effective Speaking: Finding Your True Voice

The problem: too many presenters don’t know how to use their voices in the
most effective way possible, simply because they have never been taught how.

The solution: a training which focuses on four central elements of
communication, which when put together, form the foundation on which ideas are
delivered most effectively into the world.

Your words are an extension of yourself. Your words form the front line through which the rest of the world perceives you and your group. How are you interpreted? How are you heard? Are you reaching your goals in terms of self expression and comunication? Are you being seen as the leader you truly are, and is your group seen the same way? If not, the first place to consider making changes is in the realm of how your ideas are being conveyed to the people who need to hear them most clearly.

Speaking in public is widely known as the number one across the board fear that people have (just in front of spiders, snakes, and possibly brussels sprouts). Learning to speak effectively is a skill all to often undeveloped. Every organization needs to have effective speakers for whom communicative style shows through in every word.

The benefits of this training whether as a single day session or as an ongoing residency:

Participants will clarify their speaking voice, confidence, and speaking style. Individuals will become more confident in their speaking abilities and this gain in emotional intelligence will enhance other elements of their work and personal lives as well. Empowered individuals who have command over their speaking voices are instantly more effective idea generators, idea communicators, idea inspirers, and even more communicative and compassionate leaders.

Please WRITE for a free detailed explanation of how Greg would customize this training for your group.

Offered as an hour long presentation, a half/full day seminar, or as an ongoing residency for your top communications professionals, this is an intensive hands-on experience to transform your team into verbal champions.

The Quest for Meaning

Exploring the ideas in the highly popular films Greg has co-produced, audience members find a greater understanding of often overlooked aspects of human psychology and its interconnectedness to our moment-to-moment actions as it relates to apathy and why we often feel that a lack of meaning in our lives.

We live and interact in an often aggressive world, but are we aware of the origins of those tendencies? This training includes an exciting and engaging talk, in conjunction with clips from the award winning “Flight From Death” documentary, to allow us to better¬†understand our relationships, administration, friends, personal challenges,¬†and the nature of our competitive drive and the obsessions which come from it. Some thoughts on the film from the press include:

“If you see it alone, you’ll be thinking about it for days. If you see it¬†with a friend, you’ll be talking about it for weeks.”
—Gerry Krochak, Leader-Post, Saskatchewan Canada

“This is a beautifully conceived documentary, sharp,¬†accessible and timely.”
—Inside Front

Please WRITE for a free detailed explanation of how Greg would customize this training for your group.

Keeping Priorities Aloft: Lessons From the Art of Juggling

What better way to learn than while having fun? See the video above for more about this topic. This training, which¬†works perfectly as either an add on to a keynote for up to 500 people or¬†as a stand alone event, is perfect for teaching members of your group¬†about confidence, creativity, and keeping priorities aloft. Participants are taken step by step¬†through the art if juggling and as they learn how to more efficiently¬†throw and catch, they conquer what they felt previously to be impossible¬†before they have even realized that they’ve done so! Participants will¬†learn how to gain confidence, how to work with one another, how to¬†accomplish things that seem too challenging, and all throughout be doing¬†so hands on and while having fun.

In addition to learning a skill that they can take with them, participants see the effects of positive thinking as they attempt and succeed at something new. They will also gain a strong sense of the value in supporting one another as everyone shifts their paradigm from a restrictive sense of sense of to an expansive sense of self where potential is seemingly unlimited.

The potential lessons from an encounter with gravity are limitless.

Please WRITE for a free detailed explanation of how Greg would customize this training for your group.


Greg Bennick