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Greg Bennick is a premier keynote entertainer, speaking with impact to meetings, conferences, banquets, and special events worldwide.

“You got me excited all over again about my OWN cause.”
– Tara L., Safe Amp, Vancouver BC

Watch a clip of Greg live onstage in California this past spring here. The clip is 15 minutes long so watch as much as you like, you busy person you.


“Wow…this is more than just ‘juggling’! This is really more about LIFE.”
— Nancy K., St. Josephs College

After a recent event, two attendees came up to Greg with simultaneous comments. One said, “You are so FUNNY!” and the other said “I took a page of notes!” Thats EXACTLY the response we want. Smart and funny, ideas and action, all rolled into one.

Greg Bennick is a keynote entertainer. Totally out of the ordinary, filled with laughs and audience participation…this is entertainment with impact for your special event. Whether a kickoff session, an awards banquet, or a keynote address: every single one of your audience members will be excited and energized by Greg’s presentation. Remember: keynote entertainer: a keynoter and entertainer all in one.

You can see a version of Greg’s show for an audience of over¬†three thousand people here. This was a 25 minute CUSTOMIZED¬†presentation. The client theme was Looking Into the Future,¬†which is why he is wearing a Star Trek shirt. (And no, he won’t be wearing that shirt for your event…)

“My client thought I was a genius for finding such an amazing entertainer
and passed that praise along to my boss…I then passed that praise along to
my parents as a sign that my college education wasn’t a waste. So, from
both a professional and personal angle, thank you for an amazingly
successful and highly entertaining event.”
— Tyson Flandreau, for Safeco

Your audience will love Greg’s show. Running in¬†lengths up to sixty minutes, the performance is as much juggling, mind reading, and improvisation as it is comedy¬†situations involving audience members. Have no fear: everyone who¬†comes up onstage ends up as a hero. No volunteer is ever made to look
foolish or to be embarrassed. Making sure your audience is taken care of is as much of a priority for Greg as it is for event planners like you. Everyone has a good time.

Greg has a huge list of satisfied clients and can provide extensive letters of recommendation on request. Whether you choose to have Greg incorporate ideas and messages into the show, or just have the show be entirely for fun: audiences worldwide agree, that this is the perfect entertainment for your event.

You have worked hard to plan every detail. Now, make it perfect by inviting Greg Bennick as your keynote entertainer. Contact our office now to book Greg Bennick for your next event.

“A juggler and inspirational speaker: it’d be hard for anybody to balance¬†such extremes, but Bennick seems to do it with grace.”
— Seattle Times


3 Mentors A customized comedy show in Laguna Niguel, CA

The pressure was on for the biggest event of the year for 3 Mentors. They¬†brought in their team from all over the country to the Ritz Carlton in¬†Laguna Niguel CA in order entertain, motivate, and inspire the audience to¬†think about community in the workplace and how to connect with others in a¬†genuine way.¬† How funny was the show?¬† Off the charts.¬† One attendee,¬†professional presenter, afterwards asked Greg on the spot if Greg would be¬†willing to be hired to write comedy material for this presenter’s speeches!¬†If that’s not a direct and immediate referral, we don’t know what is!¬† This¬†is the type of response you want from your event.


From a private audience of twenty on a yacht in Newport Beach CA to major events with thousands of attendees, audiences connect with Greg. When the Boeing Corporation rolled out their 777 airplane in Seattle and invited over 150 journalists from around the world to cover the event, Greg Bennick was the headlining entertainer at their press dinner when their work was finished. When United Way of America needed an early morning keynote speaker for their national roundtable meeting in Los Angeles to give a customized and entertaining talk about supporting one another in our local communities, Greg used his blend of ideas and images to inspire the audience, receiving an extended standing ovation. Bank of America called on Greg to be their motivational speaker at a series of events for underprivileged youth in every major US city from Chicago to Honolulu, each with attendees numbering up to seven thousand.

Greg Bennick