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Greg is the co-producer and co-writer behind Flight From Death: The Quest For Immortality and The Philosopher Kings, two award-winning documentaries that look at how we see ourselves, the people around us, and ask how we are to live in an increasing complex world. He offers presentations on each of these films for universities, theaters, and conferences worldwide.

FLIGHT FROM DEATH: The Quest for Immortality

Flight From Death
All around the world, event planners at conferences, theaters, and universities have discovered a unique and fascinating presentation. Greg Bennick is the co-producer and co-writer of the feature film Flight From Death: The Quest For Immortality, a multi-award winning documentary that successfully explores the motivations for human aggression. The film examines the possibility that our innate fear of death fuels anxiety and violence, and as a result, comes to surprising conclusions about why we live in a violent world and offers suggestions about what we can do to change that. This is critically important information for anyone who cares about why our world, and our lives, are so often filled with emotional and political tension.

“Flight from Death is something everyone needs to see, so that maybe, just¬†maybe, we can make our peace with death and get on with living.”
—Eric Campos, Film Threat

The result of four years of work and filming in eight different countries, Flight From Death is a film that demands attention and will leave your audiences speechless. Greg utilizes years of experience as a professional speaker and entertainer to present an easy-to-follow approach to the subject matter that ties the concepts in the film to the work of your group.

Flight From Death Trailer

“This is the most thought provoking film I’ve ever seen.”
—Anne Upton, Northern Lights Documentary Film Festival, Newburyport MA

A presentation with the film can fit either a classroom, evening, or the popular half day training format.
Greg introduces the film by giving an¬†overview of the ideas to be covered. Then a made-for-tv version of the film which runs approximately¬†60¬†minutes is shown. Following the movie, Greg delves deeper into the¬†implications of the film’s central ideas tying the ideas into ways that we¬†can reach our communicative goals. He closes the event by taking questions¬†from the audience about the film’s creation, its concepts, and what these¬†ideas could mean to the world at large in terms of increasing productivity,¬†and emotional intelligence, and diminishing anxiety, tension, and violence.

Total running time for an event can be as little as an hour and a half. Its all up¬†to you and how in depth you’d like the post-film discussion to be. Duke¬†University hosted an event that had a two and a half hour long Q+A session¬†after the film! Greg also can come in as a guest speaker to classes in¬†philosophy, sociology, anthropology, literature, or psychology to lead¬†classroom discussion about the ideas in the film.

“One of the most ambitious documentaries ever made.”
—Jeff Megahan, PBS Australia

This presentation has been a huge success at conferences and conventions in New York, London, Warsaw, Melbourne, and other cities around the world. University screenings have been held at New York University, University of Minnesota, University of Washington, Skidmore College, Central Michigan University, Utah Valley State College, University of Alberta (Canada), Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland), and at University College (London, England) along with many others, including a tour across Russia.

This presentation is perfect for conferences which explore any aspect of human behavior, motivation, or ethics, as well as colleges and universities interested in politics, anthropology, religion, the social sciences, psychology, philosophy, death and dying issues, or history.

See Greg and Patrick discuss the film on FOX News here:

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The Philosopher Kings
The Philosopher Kings is the new film from the makers of Flight From Death: The Quest for Immortality. Greg, working again as co-producer / co-writer, and director Patrick Shen, wanted to explore wisdom, specifically the type of wisdom that gets us through our day-to-day lives. This search led them to the most prestigious universities in the country to talk to staff members there about wisdom, persistance, devotion, creativity, and dedication. But at these schools, instead of interviewing philosophy
professors and professors, Greg and Patrick only talked to the janitors.

The Philosopher Kings Trailer

“The Philosopher Kings is a deeply human exploration of the people we never
see. Look out for it, it’s brilliant.”
—Jason Silva, Host/Producer-Current TV

The Philosopher Kings, while about the custodians themselves, is really a¬†film about who we choose to look to for guidance and wisdom. Afterall, isn’t¬†it true that the most intelligent, wisest, and most creative person we¬†encounter all month might be the person who just shined our shoes, swept our¬†floor, or cleared our table? The discussion which follows this film brings¬†audience members into a deeper understanding of society and ourselves and¬†how we look at and more importantly, how we listen to, those around us.

This is a perfect film for any organization interested in exploring social dynamics, psychology, power and authority, labor relations, culture, or business ethics.

See Greg and Patrick discuss The Philosopher Kings on Washington DC’s ‘Reel Black TV’ here:

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