Global Outreach and International Connections

Two decades of international outreach have taught Greg what unifies us and strengthens communities. No matter the geography: trust, hope, and meaning provide essential bonds to establish connection even amidst uncertainty and doubt,

One Hundred For Haiti

One Hundred For Haiti is a successful humanitarian initiative driven entirely by listening. The core idea, that people receiving humanitarian support be the ones defining the conditions of that support, motivates everything done on their behalf.

From putting new roofs on houses, to supporting communities in need of clean water, with a track record of eight years of successes One Hundred For Haiti teaches important and ongoing lessons to all involved about listening and leadership, focus and dedication, and tenacity and endurance.

The Legacy Project

Through The Legacy Project (founded in 2006 by Greg Bennick and history scholar David Whitson) he leads travel-study missions to Poland, South Africa, Rwanda, and other countries struggling to reconcile their own legacies of aggression. With the participation of students, activists, and scholars—along with prominent historical figures—he works to promote an international dialogue about overcoming trauma, achieving justice, and promoting tolerance.

World Leaders Project

Greg founded the World Leaders Project which brought him to Guyana to discuss the relationship between fear and violence with President Bharrat Jagdeo, and how understanding that relationship can lead to a more peaceful world. Greg imagined that speaking with world leaders face-to-face was possible, and wrote directly to each of them until he finally got a meeting.

Greg’s humanitarian efforts emerge from an unshakable passion to help others find meaningful lives and to empower a global community. You can be a part of it and share in these experiences.