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Always fun, always inspiring. Greg Bennick is a keynote speaker/entertainer offering motivational ideas for students of all ages.

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NEW for High Schools in 2018: Social Media and You

Access to information has never been easier. What is the effect of social media on our minds and our learning? Self esteem is so often based in “like” culture, where we feel good only in proportion to how many people LIKE our comments, thoughts, photos, and posts. Greg explains – in a funny and exciting way – how to think of social media as something to ENHANCE who you are, and not DEFINE who you are.

Social media and the internet are incredible tools, but we need to reinforce healthy self-image models and also hone our mental sharpness when access to any opinion or information is just a click away. In this new assembly theme (which can be worked into a READING or BULLYING or RESPECT/LEADERSHIP assembly too) these issues are presented in a fun way, so we laugh and learn together.


Greg has many messages for middle and high schools but one of the most popular is “Exhaust yourself” in which he describes to graduating seniors to get out in the world and truly make a difference, never being satisfied to sit idly by and let others be the change they wish to see.

If you are looking for truly empowering ideas for your audience delivered from an entertaining and passionate speaker, you’ve found the right speaker for your school.

Check out this selfie! It was taken in the spring with the graduating senior class of Siloam Springs High School in Arkansas at the end of Greg’s keynote juggling presentation themed to stepping into the unknown. High schoolers connect strongly with Greg’s sincerity and message about taking risks and boldly stepping into the rest of your life. “Exhaust yourself” as a message was a huge success, as Greg inspired these grads to go out into the world and pursue their dreams.


Watch a recommendation from a high school conference/assembly coordinator!

For high school students Greg also offers themes of POSITIVITY as we look to the future, LEADERSHIP, RESPECT and ANTI-BULLYING, with an approach that students connect to immediately. With the leadership theme for example, he shares the idea that students who hope to be leaders need to listen to those around them in order to be in service TO them. This is how we create teamwork. Teamwork isn’t something we agree to. Its something we make happen. Greg also discusses five important qualities of being a leader, and shares ideas about prioritizing our time, and stepping into the future with courage and creativity.

Students learn about teamwork, listening, being an individual, and taking creative risks.

The effect of this assembly is overwhelmingly positive! This photo was taken after a recent presentation…

Heard of “Where’s Waldo?” This is sort of a “Where’s Greg?”

This is the kind of response you need if you are inspiring students at the high school level. Greg is committed to the success of your students because he believes completely that inspiration and focusing student leaders on serving others will create a better world for us all.

A great way to use Greg’s skills and ideas is to have him do an all-school assembly and then visit classrooms to have more one-on-one time with groups of students, to take their questions, and to hear from them what their dreams and needs are. This way, as a half or full day at your school, its far more than just a “show”: his visit becomes a transformative experience! For more information click the red contact button to the right or call (206) 528-5500. Video is available of the show for your review.


“Greg speaks middle school!”
— Faculty Advisor, Oregon Episcopal School

“Your act is beyond compare. Accomplishing what you did in a high school environment is an incredible feat!”
— Assembly Coordinator, North Thurston High School

– – – – –


We must always serve the youth of today as they are our future. Greg offers amazing assemblies on ANTI-BULLYING, READING and CREATIVITY with guaranteed results for young people nationwide. His messages are clear, and the laughs are nonstop. And we mean it! If you aren’t completely satisfied with the impact of the assembly, we will refund your payment and the assembly will be absolutely free. In over 30+ years, we have never had to refund a single show.

Greg brings anti-bullying messages to your school and speaks from the heart. Bullied as a young boy, Greg knows first hand how those messages can linger, and he turns these ideas into points of laughter, so that we can be entertained while exploring the idea of keeping our school happy and safe.

“Greg, my face hurt from laughing and smiling seeing how much fun everyone was having today. It was fun to see the adults laugh and have fun as well. Thanks again for being so great at what you do. Your message was great and it made me look as though I spent hours telling you what to say!! Way to make me look good!”
— Polly B., Sultan Elementary

“Even quizzed a week later, students were able to remember what the five juggling balls represented! I would recommend your anti-bullying assembly to any school who is looking for a fun, upbeat way to support their message of respect and teamwork.”
— Angela H., Libby Elementary

Watch comments from a happy elementary assembly coordinator!

Patty Bourne – teacher, Seattle WA

What makes these BULLYING and READING shows unique, other than that they are really funny? Impact and followup. Each school can have the option of ALL DAY in-classroom visits as well to further discuss the ideas in the show. Simply ask and we can factor this in to our plan for your school. With the BULLYING show, we define what bullying is and then define what can be done in response to it. Greg is a new board member of the Stand For Courage Foundation, an organization who believe that rewarding and enhancing POSITIVE behavior is far more inspiring than condemning negative behavior.

Write anytime for details on these ideas. The CONTACT link will put you in touch right away.

All ideas are put into terms kids can easily understand and are interspersed with juggling and fun, using volunteers to reinforce ideas about teamwork.

Read a recommendation letter from an elementary school HERE!

A message to you from Greg about his shows: “I offer the same positivity and inspirational energy that I bring to university and corporate events nationwide to inspire a young generation of students across the country to achieve excellence.” Write us today to secure your date!

With powerful messages and a sincere delivery, I guarantee a lasting and positive impression on your students. I live 100% drug, alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco free, so when I talk about being drug free, I serve as a role model for your student body. Our office has reference letters from satisfied schools nationwide to assure you of the quality you are considering.

A staff member at a school in Washington said “I’ve been here for seventeen years and that was one of the best assemblies we’ve had.”


The central theme of the READING show, that reading is an excellent way to elevate and educate oneself, is presented through juggling metaphors. The show builds throughout its duration on that central theme. Ideas and concepts presented and reinforced are (in order of presentation): reading and how it leads to thinking for oneself, which in turn is the essence of creativity. Creativity provides the basis for one’s education which is essential in developing one’s individuality. The concepts of persistence, practice and teamwork are explored as well, always through an entertaining approach tied into school/library dynamics and personal reading habits.

With the READING show, we explore the importance of practice, focus, concentration and how to improve study skills.

For followup after every show, he writes a letter and sends it to the school to distribute to every student to reinforce the messages covered in the show. This gives students something by which to remember the show and also allows parents to understand the content of the assembly and the messages being shared with their children.

All shows run 45 minutes and are filled with audience participation and strong educational themes amidst the laughs. We work with each school to incorporate into the bullying show messages from current ideas about bullying being promoted at that particular school.

“We just had Greg Bennick visit our school. It was the most uplifting and engaging assembly that I can recall. Greg delivers a powerful message in a humorous and electric fashion. Our students were leaning forward throughout the entire 45 minute performance.”
— Mike McCartin, Principal, Orting WA

Audience members are utilized as volunteers throughout the shows. Each show can be followed by a fifteen minute question and answer period during which I field questions about the skills and comedy routines they’ve encountered, redirecting answers back through the ideas and concepts presented in the show. Audience members will all learn more about themselves by the end of the hour!

Read a letter of recommendation from a school principal here! There is a second letter available here. (If you have trouble downloading the letters, just contact our office, and we’ll send you hard copies.)

Show themes can also include drug and alcohol awareness and leadership. We recently toured through California with an anti-drug and alcohol themed show. Very few, if any, other performers can match my personal stance of living 100% drug and alcohol free. Why give your students anything other than a sincere example? Call (206) 528-5500 to secure the date you want.

One middle schooler a couple years back said: “You are so unique. You are one of a kind. You are like Britney Spears.” Needless to say, the resemblance IS striking, especially after she shaved her head.

Ask about rates for multiple shows booked at the same school on the same day and for discounts for multiple schools booked in one geographical area the same week. Contact our office and schedule your assembly!

Greg Bennick