Ideas that change lives

A globetrotting, powerhouse speaker, Greg has spent over thirty years on stage, challenging and inspiring audiences across twenty-five countries, and counting.

His topics range from new angles on the psychology of leadership, teamwork, and communication to more ambitious personal subjects like the dynamics of human aggression, radical ideas for living, and breaking the chains of self-doubt.

Based in Seattle, he’s been flown everywhere from Syracuse to Singapore to share his unique brand of exciting, potent spoken word

For your event, explore one of Greg’s acclaimed themes:

Changing the World Without Having a Clue

Want to change the world but aren’t sure how? Learn how one line from the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” inspired a lifetime of creativity and action even amidst self-doubt.
(Perfect for any group with a CSR focus, those wanting transformation, and colleges / universities)

Find Your Voice: Create a Speak Up Culture

Thirty years in punk rock has taught Greg a few things about using his voice to channel energy in positive directions. Your work, personal, and local communities need YOUR voice to thrive. Learn the benefits, and discover powerful new perspectives on teamwork. (Perfect for all organizations who truly value their people)

Don’t Be Afraid to Drop the Ball: What We Learn From Failure About Success

Greg is fascinated by gravity as a metaphor. The Seattle Times called him “A juggler of objects and concepts.”  What do you learn about success from a path where the journey is filled with mistakes and failure? You learn focus and courage. Greg shows you the way. (Perfect for any group looking to enhance positive mental attitude among their team members)

Thoughts on Life, Death, and Everything in Between

Inspired by the work of Pulitzer Prize winner Ernest Becker, we want to be contributors to significant lives, expressing ourselves in ways that are meaningful. How can we do that, inspire others to do the same, and all without conflict arising? This is the presentation we need in an increasingly chaotic and violent world. (Perfect for teamwork, communication, and personal development events)

Living Radical Lives in Desperate Times

The creative revolutionary is willing to be vulnerable and take risks, exploring creativity and connection. The world needs this more than ever. Be that person. (Perfect for any group wanting to maximize effectiveness and actually drive individuals towards empowerment)

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