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Greg Bennick is a premiere keynote speaker, delivering impact to meetings, conferences, banquets, and special events worldwide.

“A juggler and inspirational speaker: it’d be hard for anybody to balance such extremes, but Bennick seems to do it with grace.”
— Seattle Times

“If I was a speaker and magician like Greg Bennick, AEGIS would be a ten billion dollar company by next year.”
— Aparup Sengupta, Global CEO, AEGIS

When not on tour around the world, Greg Bennick offers entertaining presentations as a keynote speaker for meetings and special events worldwide. If you’re a meeting planner, you know that you need new ideas delivered in an entertaining way, so that you can capture the attention of your audience. Your presenter needs to be interactive.

Two options: first, our newest keynote, “CHANGING THE WORLD WITHOUT HAVING A CLUE” has Greg explaining how we can all find within ourselves the creative focus and direction we need to help make the world a better place than we found it. He draws on his experiences helping in Haiti, touring across Russia, and interacting with people in over thirty countries to express the idea that you don’t need a perfectly defined plan to change the world, but more importantly just the DESIRE for one and the courage to get started. This keynote rocks, and is intended for audiences who want BIG impact.

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A second option, for those interested in more traditional topics, Greg offers new ideas about MANAGING THE UNEXPECTED, dealing with change, and serving people more effectively. And the best part, he can grab the attention of his audiences by using juggling as a metaphor. His core concepts can be customized to include messages specific to your event.


“Greg created a level of enthusiasm and participation that we have not seen at any of our previous events. It was the best banquet we have had in terms of the audience really getting engaged and we owe that to Greg.
—Jonathan S., EDC Banquet coordinator, 2012

A note from Greg about his role as a keynote speaker:

“In my keynotes we explore our relationship with the unexpected: how do we respond to it? How do we face challenges when they arise? We’ll customize this theme to your event so attendees learn AND laugh at the same time and feel like the presentation was created just for them.”


Greg can explore themes in the following key areas for your audience. Just ask, and he delivers ideas on:

CUSTOMER SERVICE: A Juggling Act – Gone are the days when we could just SELL to people and think we could get away with it, marketing anything at anytime to consumers. This is a new era. We need to listen to people, and be willing to adapt to their whims. Consumers have learned to choose the colors of their products, and now people are trained to want that way in all areas of the customer experience. Greg offers insight into how creating relationships with the people you serve, developing a sense of community on a larger scale, and adapting to sudden change can lead to new levels of success…and a different kind of success than simply profit.

TEAMWORK: An Individual Experience – The success of any organization is dependent on how its people work together. In this keynote, Greg uses his proven techniques of audience participation to demonstrate how effective we can be when we work together. but from the perspective of knowing ourselves. How can we transform being let down by others in the past to being inspired to try again in order to work together effectively? Teamwork demands vigilance, patience, commitment, and determination. Most importantly, its teamwork WITH the people we serve not in opposition to them that yields truly sustainable alliances. Learning points: self esteem and its role in our interactions; from where do interpersonal conflicts emerge; and how to resolve those conflicts when they flare up. We need to serve people more than we expect to be served BY them.

COMMUNICATION: The Foundation of Any Team – For any team to succeed, clear communication is at the core of their success. Greg brings two decades of research into communication styles along with comedy and entertainment to share insights about communicating with your group. Everyone will learn something by the end of the keynote, and everyone takes part. People who have felt disempowered will gain a greater sense of their value as individuals. And those who have disempowered them will have shifts in perspective that will bring new clarity.

LEADERSHIP: To Listen is to Lead – We often think of leaders as having powerful voices, but the best and brightest leaders are actually the greatest listeners. We explore, through audience participation and laughter, the core concepts of being an effective listener as part of a team and how that leads to outstanding leadership. Greg’s real life experience with leadership includes the World Leaders Project, an initiative Greg started that had him meeting face to face with world leaders to discuss dynamics of power, control, and effective balance. You need a speaker who talks the talk and walks the walk. And one who can be funny in the midst of important ideas. Greg is all of those in one.

CHANGE: Managing the Unexpected – Change is an inevitability, and as long as we are in the right mindset, we will be ready for anything and prepared to take action. As a juggler for almost thirty years, Greg is an expert at change: every ball flies in a different direction. How do we manage change? What perspectives to we need? Using laughter and entertainment as a vehicle, Greg delivers answers to these important questions in his incredible keynote. Learning points include new perspectives on ‘dropping the ball’‚Ñ¢ and failure; how to continue even in the midst of setbacks; and perspectives on the creative process itself and the peaks and valleys it brings.


“Your performance was extremely effective. We were impressed with your¬†ability to weave our key messages into your presentation in a way that was¬†both humorous and informative.”
— Ron Ostrowski, Boeing Corporation

“Your ability to customize the show to fit the interests of the legal¬†community was outstanding!”
— Elaina Spring, Miller Nash LLC

Greg Bennick Speaking
Greg Bennick is a keynote entertainer with unique and specialized messages¬†of empowerment. His presentations offer a return on investment¬†that can be gauged through post-keynote followup surveys that inquire about inspiration and connection to one’s own sense of value.

Greg entertains as well as educates. His goal as an entertainer and keynote speaker is to keep every audience engaged and laughing while offering new insights and ideas. Contact our office today to find out more.

Case Studies.

Washington Fire Commissioners Association comedy keynote address in Spokane WA

Greg was the keynote speaker for the 2009 Washington Fire Commissioners Association convention. His topic was “Leadership” and he incorporated non-stop audience participation and laughs every minute along with ideas about what makes a leader most effective. His show received tremendous response, proving once again that combining ideas with laughter is absolutely, always, the way to go. Attendees admitted to taking pages of notes during the keyote: a solid sign that the strength of the ideas had everyone’s minds working while the comedy kept them engaged and entertained. His client’s comment after the show: “GREAT job! You got us off to a perfect start!”. Please contact our office anytime for a full reference from this client.


National Insurance Marketing Association – comedy keynote presentation in Monterey, CA

When the newly formed National Insurance Marketing Association (NIME) held their first ever convention at the elegant Monterey Bay resort in California, they turned to Greg to be their keynote speaker and deliver impact and endless laughs because they liked the idea of comedy and keynotes blending into one. What the organization didn’t realize is that Greg grew up with an extensive background connection to the insurance industry due to an uncle (David J. Schoenfeld for those curious amongst you) who for thirty years was a member of the prestigious “Million Dollar Roundtable” with the New York Life Insurance Company. As a result, Greg was able to share personal anecdotes about the industry (and how his uncle was obsessed with sales to the point of being manic) with the NIME team, creating an incredibly personal level of customization for what turned out to be an explosively funny keynote!

Selective Insurance – corporate keynote presentation in Cherry Hill, NJ

Greg custom scripted a 60 minute keynote presentation for Selective¬†Insurance based on their needs to have agents across twenty-two states¬†communicate more effectively. The presentation explored communication,¬†collaboration, and personal accountability, demonstrated through both Greg’s¬†words and also interactive comedy themed to their organization. Balancing a¬†knife on one’s chin: cool. Balancing a knife on one’s chin in front of a¬†room full of risk management professionals and making jokes that they could¬†relate to about risk, lawsuits, and the legal process so that they could serve clients better, and save them money: amazing!

Greg Bennick