Our Words Create Our World.

As a writer, punk rock vocalist, and film producer, Greg Bennick uses his unique perspective to examine the intersection of humanity, politics, and compassion.

Punk Singer

Greg explores community, human connection, and revolutionary ideas as a performer and outspoken activist. With Trial, Between Earth and Sky, and Bystander, he’s electrified audiences and created potent, galvanizing moments full of humanity and transformation.

Film Producer

Documentaries written and produced by Greg Bennick have been screened on all seven continents. He’s brought worldwide attention to the psychology of violence with the award-winning film Flight From Death, and revealed wisdom in unlikely places with The Philosopher Kings. He’s currently examining the controversy of trophy hunting with On the Wild Side, and documenting the journey of five friends pursuing their shared punk rock dream with Holding These Moments.


Currently Greg Bennick is writing the first official biography of philosopher, cultural anthropologist, and Pulitzer Prize winner Ernest Becker, who dedicated his life to understanding the complexities of anxiety and unraveling human aggression. These vital insights offer hope for our increasingly turbulent world.

Greg Bennick understands that words are critical tools, and that we must wield them in pursuit of our dreams. Most importantly, against devastating odds.